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Chapter 1. The Age of Mass and Maneuver (pdf)

(focus on organizational size and coordination, revolutionary assault to capture institutions — particularly Old Left)
I. Prefigurative visions and visions based on mass and hierarchy coexisted within the nineteenth century
II. The latter triumphed and became the dominant model in the 20th century

Chapter 2. The Transition

(technological changes that have made a focus on mass and insurrection obsolete)
I. Networked Communications and Free Information
II. Cheap, Ephemeral Production Technology
III. The Impotence of Enforcement, and the Primacy of Circumvention over Resistance

Chapter 3. The Age of Exodus

I. The Abandonment of Workerism
II. Gradualist or Evolutionary Transitional Models
III. Horizontalism and Self-Activity over Vanguard Institutions
IV. Prefiguration and Exodus over Insurrection

Chapter 4. Critiques From the Old Guard and Responses