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[Last edited August 4]

Part I

Chapter 1. The Age of Mass and Maneuver (epub)
I. A Conflict of Visions
II. The Triumph of Mass in the Old Left
III. The Assault on Working Class Agency
IV. Workerism/Laborism

Chapter 2. The Transition (epub)
I. Drastic Reductions in Necessary Outlays for the Means of Production
II. The Network Revolution and the Imploding Cost of Coordination
III. The impotence of enforcement, and the primacy of circumvention over resistance
IV. Superior General Efficiency and Low Overhead
V. Conclusion

Chapter 3. The Age of Exodus 1: Horizontalism and Self-Activity over Vanguard Institutions (epub)
I. The New Left
II. Autonomism
III. The 1968 Movements and the Transition to Horizontalist Praxis
IV. The Post-1994 Horizontalist Movements

Chapter 4. The Age of Exodus 2: The Abandonment of Workerism (epub)
I. The Limited Relevance of Proletarianism in the Mass Production Age
II. Technology and the Declining Relevance of Proletarianism
III. Abandonment of Proletarianism by the New Leftist Movements
IV. The Abandonment of Workerism in Praxis

Chapter 5. The Age of Exodus 3: Evolutionary and Interstitial Transitional Models (epub)
I. Comparison to Previous Systemic Transitions
II. The Nature of Postcapitalist Transition

Chapter 6. The Age of Exodus 4: Interstitial Development and Exodus over Insurrection (Part 1 — Theoretical) (epub)
I. The Split Within Autonomism
II. The Shift From the Factory to Society as the Main Locus of Productivity
III. Negri et al vs. the Commons
IV. Theoretical Implications
V. The Vulnerability of the Social Factory
VII. The Vulnerability of the Social Factory to the “Outside.”
VIII. Note on Synthesis.

Chapter 6. The Age of Exodus 4: Interstitial Development and Exodus over Insurrection (Part 2 — Practical) (epub)
IX. Post-1968 (-1994?) Movements
X. Strategy
XI. The Question of Engagement With the State

Chapter 7. Seeds Beneath the Snow (Part 1) (epub)
I. The Growth of the Commons Sector as a Lifeline
II. Municipalism: The City as Commons and Platform

Chapter 7. Seeds Beneath the Snow (Part 2) (epub)
III. Local Case Studies: North America
IV. Local Case Studies: Europe

Chapter 7. Seeds Beneath the Snow (Part 3) (epub)
V. Building Blocks
VI. Municipalism & Commons-Based Local Economies in  the Global South
VII. Federation

Bibliography (epub)

8 thoughts on “Contents”

  1. There is an error/typo in your reference to the commons circuit from Massimo de Angelis’ ‘Omnia Sunt Communia’.
    The formula he uses for “the commons circuit” is Cs-cm-Cs, and not C-M-C. He says that the C-M-C circuit is just a sequence within the larger “the commons circuit”, not that it’s the commons circuit.

    I refer you to Figure 5.4 “the circuit of the commons”, on page 193.


    1. De Angelis really likes diagrams for some reason.
      Another autonomist within the same lineage as de Angelis and Federici that you might find useful would be their philosopher friend George Caffentzis. Some of his essays are on libcom:

      His book on Locke might interest you given your past debates with right-libertarians.

      For the “practical” part of chapter 6, I think you should look at Raúl Zibechi’s work, he really fits well with all of this. As does the historian Marcus Rediker (he does ‘history from below’), his books on pirates alone are a gold mine. There’s also the anthropologists Eric Wolf (especially his book ‘Europe and the People Without History’) and Pierre Clastres (his book ‘Society Against the State’) who were both big influences on James C. Scott, whose book ‘Weapons of the Weak’ is also very close to the spirit of this project/book.


    1. I saw that you were looking for a “black book of capitalism”. Have you read Late Victorian Holocausts by Mike Davis? That book pretty much fits that description. Also, given your very recent paper on degrowth vs. ecomdernism, I was wondering if you were familiar with Andreas Malm’s wonderful book Fossil Capital: The Rise of Steam Power and the Roots of Global Warming?


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